Finals Weekend - 7 & 8 October

Our Chairman, Fran Lambert wrote:  

"Our first Finals Weekend has just finished and what a weekend it was.  As well as many, many thanks to Tony and Pat for organising it and Glenys for laying on a veritable feast, thank you also to all who participated and all who turned up to watch. 
Those of you who couldn’t make it missed a real treat.  We had two cliff-hanging GC matches on the Saturday both of which went down to the wire, an absorbingly tactical Roger Ivill match to-day and great AC finals in which, inter alia, Craig Winfield, managed yet another triple peel this time involving a tricky half-jump peel after jawsing his partner ball in rover. 
We are definitely going to do this again next year."
John Sibson and Sally Carr beat John Tapscott and Adrian Seabrook in the Exhibition third match having been awarded the Goblet proper by default. Many thanks to Adrian for stepping in to partner John.

Results on the day:
Fran Lambert beat John Tapscott in the Potter’s Pot on the golden hoop in match three.
Tim Walder beat Helen Manley in the Roger Ivill Trophy,

Craig Winfield beat James Brind in the AC Advanced Level Play,
James Brind beat Andrew Gregory in the AC Handicap.





Adrian Seabrook, Sally Carr, John Tapscott and John Sibson receive a reward from Fran Lambert for their exhibition match.  John Sibson and Sally Carr had already been declared winners of the Gordon's Goblet.





Some of the spectators on the Saturday morning.  Fortunately the weather improved as the day went on





James Brind congratulates Craig Winfield winner of the Association Croquet Advanced level play tournament














 Fran Lambert holds the Potters Pot trophy, runner-up John Tapscott.














Tim Walder and Helen Manley competed in the Roger Ivill Final












Jim Potter discusses the AC Handicap Final between James Brind and Andrew Gregory








Association Croquet

Longman Cup Competition Saturday & Sunday, 26 July

Newport Association Croquet team travelled to Colchester to contest round two of the national Longman Cup handicap competition, having beaten Nottingham in round one. Newport lost the match 5-2 but two games were lost by just one hoop so the result was much closer than the final score suggests. If one shot had been played five seconds earlier in Jim Potter and Fran Lambert’s doubles game, their first ball would have been pegged out, time would have been called whilst Colchester were trying to hit the peg from distance and Newport would have pegged out their other ball, which was close to peg, with their last shot thus winning the match. Similary, Arthur Flutter just ran out of time when one hoop behind Ann Brookes.nh

B level Advanced Tournament - Saturday & Sunday, 17 & 18 June

12 contestants took part in the tournament held at Newport.  The winner was Paul Watson, runner up Kevin Carter

Newport v Chelmsford - Saturday 10 June

In round 2 of Essex Suffolk League Newport lost by 3 games to 4 away at Chelmsford.   It has to be said that at ninety Ron Atkinson can still play an excellent game of croquet.   Any one of the five Essex Suffolk League teams could still win this year.

Advance Level Open Tournament -  20 & 21 May 2017

Mark Avery was the winner of the tournament at Newport

Newport v Colchester - Saturday 13 May 2017

In round 1 of the Essex and Suffolk League Newport won by 4 games to 3 at home

Golf Croquet

Newport Oaks finished 5th in the league and Newport Elms finished 7th. 

Final of the EACF handicap League played at Newport on Sunday 1 October

this report taken from the EACF website

Newport Oaks finished 5th in the league and Newport Elms finished 7th.  The lush lawns of Newport were the venue for this year’s final of this East Anglian Croquet Association handicap league of golf croquet competition on Saturday.  Despite the cool weather two of the hardier players actually worn shorts and quite a few took jackets off to play – so not bad for the beginning of October!

Newport Oaks finished 5th in the league and Newport Elms finished 7th.  Stony Stratford beat Enfield East on hoop difference after the match was a 9-9 draw at full time.

Newport Oaks finished 5th in the league and Newport Elms finished 7th.  It had been decided before start of play that, in the event of a draw, hoops would be a deciding factor and there was much tension as Handicap League Manager, Tracy Martin, and Newport’s Ernie Turkington counted, checked and re-checked the hoops tally. The final count 100-93 was  and Stony had come out the winner it for the second year running.


Potters Pot Weekend Saturday and Sunday 2 - 3 September

On Saturday Helen Manley won all five of her matches to become the finalist and on Sunday several players were in contention.  The winner was decided by the number of hoops won and Tim Walder became the second finalist to compete with Helen in the match on the finals weekend. 

'C' Class Tournament  - Sunday 6 August

This was for players with a handicap of 8 - 12.  There were six players from Newport and six visitors each playing in a mixed group stage of five games, the winner of each playing in a final game.  Two Newport players were winners of their group, RogerTurner and Tim Walder -Tim being the winner.


Tim Walder receives his prize from Maureen Goodchild

'B' Class Tournament  - Saturday 22 July

This tournament was held at Newport for players with a handicap between 3 and 8. 7 visitors and 5 Newport members took part playing in two groups.  So 6 players competed in five games each. Tony Elliott a visitor formerly of Enfield club, and Roy Darling a member of Newport each being the winner of a group competed in a final game. By this time the occasional rain shower had developed into torrential rain and as each had won 6 hoops they were compelled to play the maximum number of hoops, ie a final deciding 13th hoop. Roy Darling was the winner and he was later awarded the prize by the tournament organiser, Ernie Turkington.


Newport v Enfield South  - Friday 21 July. 

In a busy week for croquet players the Elms played against Meldreth at home, this time coming out the winner by 11 games to 7 thus finishing the season on a high.

Newport v Meldreth  - Wednesday 19 July. 

The Elms team played an away game against Enfield South at their home ground resulting in a draw 9 games each, 101 hoops to 109.

Newport v Hunstanton - Level Play  - Thursday 13 July. 

Hunstanton fielded players of a lower handicap than those of Newport despite this Newport put up a good show.  They were beaten 9 games to 2 at Hunstanton

Newport v Letchworth Friendly golf competition - Friday 14 July. 

Newport hosted this game organised by Ernie Turkington. 

 Eight members of each club played in four doubles games. This gave an opportunity for players who are inexperienced in match play to compete with more experienced players.

The competition ended with Letchworth the winner by 9 to 6 but all agreed it was a enjoyable day.

Letchworth players: Andrea Carr, Margo Leach, Sheila Haggett, Stuart Haggett, Andy Kennedy, Janet Matthews, Jan Scroggins, Ray Scroggins
Newport players: Michael Hughes, Sue Roberts, Kern Roberts, Roger Turner, Jill Turner. Maureen Goodchild, Clive Cassidy, Brenda Cassidy

 Newport Elms v Letchworth Blue  - 7 July. 

Newport lost at home by 8 games to 10.  99 hoops to 102

Newport Elms v  - Letchworth Red  - 26 June. 

Letchworth won by 8 games to 10.

Newport Oaks  v Meldreth - Tuesday 21 June 2017

This was a team of three as Meldreth has two lawns.  This match resulted in an even score of 5 games each but Newport won as they had 54 hoops to Meldreth's 50.

Newport Elms v Enfield West - Monday 19 June 2017

Enfield won by 11 games to 7

Newport v Colchester - Sunday 11 June

The first level play match of the season suffered from torrential rain and wind making play almost impossible. The game was conceded when Colchester had won enough games that they could not be overtaken.

Newport Elms v Ipswich - Tuesday 23 May 2017

In the match against Ipswich, played this time in ideal conditions the Newport team gained much experience but were beaten by a superior side. Fran Lambert was the best player for Newport by winning two out of his four of singles games.

Newport Oaks v Enfield South - Tuesday 23 May 2017

On a pleasant summer day the teams were evenly matched but Enfield won by 10 games to 8: Enfield winning 105 hoops and the Oaks 104.

Newport Oaks v Enfield West - Wednesday 12 May 2017

 Newport Oaks played at home and won their match by 11 games to 7: Newport winning 77 hoops to Enfield's 49.


The Oaks and the Elms - Friday 28 April - an unusual result

Two home teams competed at Newport Croquet Club at the start of the East Anglian Croquet Federation league. Play was evenly matched throughout the day ending with wins of nine games for each team.  On consulting the scoresheet and counting the hoops it was discovered that the match was a draw. The Elms and the Oaks had each won 104 hoops.

Back row: Tim Walder, Fran Lambert (club Chairman), Roy Darling

Front row: Clive Cassidy, John Sibson, Dennis Saville, Maureen Goodchild, Tim Ham


Start of the Season Soup Lunch

The season opened on Wednesday 5h April with social play of golf and association croquet. Play took place before and after lunch when 35 members enjoyed a choice of 6 homemade soups to try! The outside of the clubhouse has been recently repainted thanks to members from Newport who joined last year. The weather was fine and everyone agreed it was good to be back playing again and so the club looks forward to another busy summer.

competed at Newport Croquet Club at the start of the East Anglian Croquet Federation league in the first golf croquet match of the season on Friday 29 April.  The teams were very evenly matched throughout the day ending with wins of nine games each.  On consulting the scoresheet and counting the hoops it was discovered that the match was a draw.   The Elms and the Oaks each won 104 hoops.   This is a most unusual result and both teams go on with confidence to compete in the league.

Strawberry Tea - Sunday 23 July

Apart from a short spell of rain when people came in for tea all three lawns were in play be members, family and friends for the annual Strawberry Tea and social play afternoon.  Following a delicious tea people went out to play again ending a lovely afternoon.

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