Golf Croquet B Class 24th July 2015

B Class competition July 2015

Newport Oaks vs Bury St Edmunds, 24th July 2015


Newport Golf Croquet B-Level, 21st July 2012

Newport Golf Croquet B-Level, 16th July 2011
The players

Newport vs Hunstanton - Roger Ivill Trophy, 25th July 2010
The two teams

David Manley, the winning captain, receives the trophy for Newport

Newport Oaks vs Sudbury, GC League match, 2nd July 2010

Newport B-level GC tournament, 5th June 2010

Newport Elms team vs Sudbury, GC League match, 19th May 2010

Newport vs Bury St Edmunds, GC Friendly, 11th August 2009

Indoor Golf Croquet, Soham, 16th November 2008

Clive Cassidy and Chris Howell

Tony and Pat Marks

Newport vs. Southchurch, Golf Croquet Friendly, 31st July 2007

Opening Day, 1st April 2007

Jim Potter prepares for play on lawn 2

John Gordon looks on in anticipation to see whether white will run the hoop

Tony Marks has similar doubts about yellow...

Indoor Golf Croquet, Soham, 13th/14th January 2007

Saturday's winners, Richard Keighley and John Cundell (Leighton Linslade) are congratulated by Tony Marks

Saturday's runners-up, Martin and Linda Ambrose (Downham Market) with Tony Marks

Sunday's winners, Sarah Barley and Ann Tallowin (Norwich), with David Kitson

Sunday's runners-up, Pat Marks and John Sibson (Newport) with David Manley

Golf Members' Christmas Dinner, 15th December 2006

Held at the Crown, Little Walden

Adrian Seabrook is presented with Potter's Pot by Pat Marks

The trophy in all its glory

Indoor Golf Croquet at Soham, 24th-25th November 2006

Saturday's winners, David and Helen Manley (Newport)

Sunday's winners, Anne Sweeney and Brian Cash (Bury St. Edmunds)

Handicap tournament, 5th-6th August 2006

(L to R): Jim Potter, John Rolfe, Jonathan Toye, Bob Brashaw, Bernard Yallop, Ron Atkinson

B-level tournament, 18th June 2005

Newport Croquet Club on a Very Hot Day

The winner, Ian Storey, is presented with his trophy...

Ian Storey being presented with a trophy

...and immediately puts it to good use.

Ian Storey pouring beer into his trophy

Pictures from the season's opening day, 23rd April 2005

Lots of croquet players Chris Van Essen runs a hoop

John Rolfe in mid-swing

NCC and Bury St. Edmunds Golf Croquet teams, date unknown.

NCC and Downham Market Golf Croquet teams, date unknown

NCC team to face Ipswich, Essex/Suffolk League, 25th May 2003

L to R: Ron Atkinson, Neil Chalmers, Mike Porter, Toby Prevost.